Real Life Heroes

Real Life Superheroes

It’s November, the month of gratitude. It’s the time of year when I like to reflect on things that I am grateful for. I also want to teach my kids what gratitude is. So, today we did a family activity where we drew turkeys using our hands (my mom gave me the idea when she drew a turkey earlier this week with Alissa) and wrote what we are thankful for on the feathers. They are our gratitude turkeys. Here are our results.


I also have been thinking about how grateful I am for superheroes. Do I love the fictional superheroes that battle villains and protect people in their own universes? Yes! But these aren’t the superheroes I am grateful for today. Today is also November 11th, Veterans Day. This year isn’t just any old Veterans Day though. It’s the hundred-year anniversary of the armistice that occurred during World War 1, on the 11th hour of the 11thday of the 11thmonth in 1918. On the preceding anniversaries of this date people celebrated Armistice Day. Eventually, in 1954 this holiday was changed to Veterans Day, so we could celebrate all of the superheroes who have served our nation.

I never knew him, but my Great Grandpa Prestwich served in World War 1. From his personal accounts he had a lot of scary experiences and a lot of miracles happen during that war. He was even seriously injured in that war. He did eventually miraculously recover. He was a real-life hero.

I remember my Grandpa Peaden who was a Korean War veteran. I never remember him talking about his experiences in war. I do remember him being very proud of his service though. He would always proudly wear his veteran hats. He served his country to protect the freedoms he held dear to and he wasn’t alone in that fight. He was a real-life hero. Everyone else who has fought for our freedoms by serving in any branch of the military, you are real life heroes. You battle real life villains and protect real life people.

There are a lot of things I am grateful for in my life. Since it is Veterans Day today, I wanted to say how grateful I am for the real-life superheroes in the world. Those of you who serve or served in any branch of the military you are a real-life hero. Thank you for protecting our rights and freedoms.  You are the kind of superheroes I am grateful for!

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