Picture Letters To Santa

Easy Santa Letters

How do you let your kids write Santa when they don’t know how to write? This is a question I asked myself last year when Alissa was getting excited for Christmas. Then I came home from work one day and my mom had done a cute picture collage with her. It had magazine clippings with pictures of toys that she wanted from Santa. It was perfect! So that’s what we did again this year.

 First, we got some festive red card stock paper. If you have magazines or ads with toys in them, you can cut out the pictures of the toys that your kids want. We didn’t really have any paper ads this year. Instead I asked Alissa what she wanted for Christmas and printed out pictures of those things for her. Since Caleb is just barely beginning to talk, I printed out things that I know he likes. Next, we cut out and glued the pictures to their red paper. It was a fun craft and super easy to do. Now our kids have Santa letters that both parents and kids can understand! When they’re olds they can write letters, but for now I like our picture letters. Here they are…. What do you think? 

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