My Little Pony Costumes

My Little Pony Costumes

Twilight Sparkle and Spike


When I asked Alissa what she wanted to be for Halloween she enthusiastically said, “Twilight Sparkle”! She also decided that Caleb needed to be Spike. So, I set out trying to decide how I wanted to do the My Little Pony costumes. I did decide I was going to make them. I couldn’t find any sewing patterns I wanted to use, so I made my own. I thought I would Share this with you all in case anyone else wanted to make these costumes as well. Feel free to use my ideas! Here’s how I did it and the results.

Twilight Sparkle

For this costume I bought 1 piece (the wings) and made the other 4 pieces on my own. I made a purple long sleeved shirt, long purple pants (including cutie mark), a tail, and the head piece.

  1. The long-sleeved shirt: For this pattern, I found one of Alissa’s long-sleeved shirts and traced on pattern paper a copy of the front, back, and sleeves. I have sewn shirts before, so I had a general idea of what it should look like. The front and back pieces were cut in half so that when you cut the fabric you can cut on the fold.


  • First cut out all fabric pieces for the shirt.
  • Next sew the front and back pieces on the shoulders.

  • Then sew the arms on to the shoulders. Making sure the shirt is inside out, sew together the sides of the shirt all the way through to the end of the sleeves.

  • Lastly, do your hemming and done!

  1. Long pants: For this pattern, I did the same thing as the shirt, but it was a little trickier for me since I had never sewn pants before. I made the pieces and got a little help on how to sew it together from my mother-in-law.


  • First cut out your pieces including the cutie mark.
  • Then top stitch the cutie mark to both hips.

  • Then sew the front and back together and sew the in seam last.
  • Finally (I added an elastic to the waist and Velcro on the backside so I could attach the tail) do the hemming.
  1. Tail: I wanted the tail to look somewhat real, so I found a purple wig for this.


  • First cut the hair pieces to the desired length.
  • Next group together and tie together. With pink hair dye spray one strip of hair pink.
  • Super glue to a piece of fabric with Velcro on it if you prefer it that way. You could also make it into a belt type tail.

Head piece: For this I got a generic headband so I could turn it into a Twilight Sparkle unicorn headband.


  • First sew together a cover for the headband and place it on the headband.

  • Next cut two triangle shaped pieces of fabric for the ears.

  • Match two corners of the triangle and sew together forming an ear.
  • Cut another triangle piece of fabric and circle piece of fabric to make a cone shape. Make sure the circle will fit the cone you make out of the triangle shaped piece of fabric.
  • First sew the triangle to form a cone, then stuff it with stuffing.

  • Stitch the circle piece of fabric on the bottom of the cone.
  • Once you have the ears and horn hot glue them onto the headband.

After all of this was created, I went to the dollar store and bought purple wings for Alissa to wear so she could be an alicorn and not just a unicorn. Because, as she always informs me, Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn. We also got purple and pink hair dye (the spray kind) so Alissa could have Twilight Sparkle hair.



For this costume I made 3 pieces. The dragon hoodie, purple pants, and the tail.


  1. Dragon hoodie: I was originally going to do a jacket but decided a hoodie might be better for my rambunctious baby boy. You could make this into a jacket. I didn’t have a hoodie pattern, but I have made robes before with hoods on them, so I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. I found one of Caleb’s jackets and traced the pieces to make a pattern. I also did my best to make a pattern for the spikes that go along the head and back.


  • First cut all of the fabric pieces out. Make sure you use green fabric for the belly piece and the spike pieces.
  • Sew together the belly piece (green) with the two front pieces (purple) making sure they are matched correctly.

  • Next sew the back spikes together on one side and stuff with stuffing.
  • For the next part there are two ways you can do it. I did it the first way, but I think I would’ve preferred the second way. First way; sew the stuffed back spikes in a straight line going down the full back piece of fabric closing the open section of each spike as you go along. Second way; with two separate back pieces, line up the spikes and back pieces together. Make sure the open (un-sewn) end of each spike matches with the two back pieces and sew together.

  • Next sew together the shoulders.
  • Sew the arms onto the shoulders.
  • Now for the hood. Top stitch each ear piece to each side of the hood pieces.

  • Then sew together the top part of the head spikes leaving the bottom open. Stuff the head spikes with stuffing.
  • Pin together the two head pieces with the spikes and sew together.

  • Sew the hood piece to the neck of the hoodie.
  • Then sew the sides up to the arms.
  • Do your hemming and it’s done!

  1. Purple pants: like Alissa’s pants I did the same thing for Caleb’s pants. Found a pair of his pants, traced pieces and viola pants!


  • First sew the front and back together.
  • Then sew the in seam last.
  • Finally (I added an elastic to the waist and Velcro on the backside so I could attach the tail on this one as well) do the hemming.
  1. Tail: This was a little trickier for me to figure out since it felt more like a stuffed animal than clothing. But I made it work.


  • Cut out the fabric pieces.
  • Sew one side of the spikes and add stuffing in them.
  • Line up the green spike pieces with the open ends matching the edges of the purple tail pieces. Sew them together.

  • Take the green fabric piece and sew on Velcro to the end that will be attached to the pants (if you use Velcro to attach the tail to pants).
  • Then sew the green fabric piece to the purple pieces leaving the top un-sewed.

  • Stuff the tail with stuffing and close the top by stitching it together. You could also attach a belt to the tail if you wanted to attach it that way instead of using Velcro.

There ya go. It was pretty crazy figuring out how to make it all from scratch, but I did it! What do you think? Any way to improve it? All I know is I have a happy 3 year old this Halloween.

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