Making Christmas Tree Ornaments

Holiday Ornaments Turned Star Wars 

Every year since we have had kids we have made ornaments to stick on our tree. It all started because I wanted to have a keepsake ornament for Alissa’s first Christmas. We did really cute footprint ornaments on clear glass ball ornaments. Then the next year we painted glass ball ornaments. Again, for Caleb’s first Christmas we did the footprint ornaments. Well this year we have a very rambunctious 18-month-old who loves to play with everything on the Christmas tree. Needless to say, we have avoided putting up some of the more breakable ornaments this year. I still wanted to make homemade ornaments though, so I thought felt ornaments would be perfect. 

I decided to make no-sew ornaments because I currently have limited time to work on these kinds of crafts. All I had to do was find character outlines to cut out on felt fabric. Then I had paint to create the character on the piece of fabric that was cut out. After that I just put some string on the back and we had an ornament! It’s a fun activity for the kids and pretty easy as well. At first, I was thinking we could do cute snowman shapes or something. Alissa had other ideas though. Here’s what happened. 

She decided that she HAD to make a BB-8 ornament. So that’s what she did! 

Matt and I followed her theme after that. I made Princess Leia and Matt turned to the dark side and made a storm trooper. 

Caleb was the only one who did a traditional Christmas theme with his Christmas tree. 

It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it fits our nerdy family. 

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