Jack O’ Lanterns 2018

Jack O’ Lanterns 2018

Carving ideas and history

It’s Halloween! Every year we make sure the front porch is decorated with Jack O’ Lanterns. Or some variation of decorated pumpkins. This year Matt and I carved pumpkins, Caleb painted a pumpkin (no way he gets a knife!) and Alissa decided her pumpkin had to be painted and carved (Her carved one is the picture above). I’ll show you pictures of our pumpkins shortly.

First, being a bit of an anthropology nerd (since that is what I studied in college), I also thought I’d share with you what I know about Jack O’ Lantern origins. There are several cultures that have different celebrations during this time of year that relate to harvest season, and the veil of worlds being thin. The use of Jack O’ Lanterns originate from Irish immigrants with Celtic backgrounds. When Christianity took hold in Ireland and Scotland the Celtic Pagan holiday of Samhain and Christian holidays of All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day blended together. Kids would carve out turnips or potatoes and light them up to ward away unwanted guests. The tradition also goes along with the story of Stingy Jack (basically The Headless Horseman). When the United States had a lot of Irish immigrants pumpkins were more readily available to carve so pumpkins were used for the tradition.

Well now that you know a little more about Jack O’ Lanterns here are ours this year!

Matt: Star Trek

Lindsey: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Alissa: My Little Pony

Caleb: Monsters Inc.

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