Holiday Throw Pillows

Holiday Throw Pillows

I have been thinking about getting throw pillows for my couch for a while. The problem I had was that I would like one style or pattern on a pillow for a while, but then want something different after a while. I decided to make pillow shams so I could change out the style every once in a while. I wanted different holiday themes and seasons to change out to during the appropriate time. That’s where I started, looking at seasonal fabric. Then my nerdiness kicked in while I was fabric shopping. I saw all this fun fabric from different fandoms. Since our family also celebrates nerd holidays (go here to see them all I decided we needed a few nerd holiday fabrics as well. I have us started with the basics… but you can guarantee I will be adding more to our armada of pillow shams.

These pillow shams were super easy to make! I found a video tutorial on YouTube by a woman who has several awesome sewing tutorials. Here is the tutorial I used:

I used the second pillow sham pattern in the video. If you can cut and sew straight lines you can do this project! I am also adding my own brief tutorial on what I did. Here’s what I did and what I made to get us started:

First I bought Poly-Fil pillow inserts. You can use any brand, I just like this brand because you can always add more filling into your pillows if they start getting flat.

Next I cut out all of my fabric pieces. One square piece and two rectangle pieces for each pillow sham.

Then I hemmed. The two smaller rectangular pieces. Once those were hemmed I pinned everything together and sewed everything together.

Lastly I made sure to cut the corners and viola! I had pillow shams!

Here are the pillow shams we have so far.




Harry Potter:

Star Wars:


European culture:

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