Halloween Family Nights

It’s Halloween season! And I want to enjoy and make the most of each holiday season with my little ones as I can. When it comes to Halloween though I find it hard to mesh ghosts and ghouls with more uplifting spiritual messages for family night for our little ones. (Family Night or F.H.E. is a thing in my religion with the goals of keeping families close and teaching spiritual concepts to each other as a family unit). Growing up though I remember my mom pulling out the story of the five little ghosts who didn’t listen to their mom. It was a cute, fun way to celebrate Halloween and have a lesson so why not try doing that with my own kids. Here are some ideas I came up with that I’m going to try. I thought I’d share if anyone wanted ideas as well. 

Here are my Halloween themed FHE ideas:

  • The Holy Ghost: 

Songs: children’s hymns the Holy Ghost (105); The Still Small Voice (106).  

Lesson: Have a lesson on what the Holy Ghost is and tell a story about how the Holy Ghost helped you or someone else. I found a great lesson outline here if you need more ideas https://www.ldsdaily.com/home-and-family/halloween-fhe-lesson-whooo-is-the-holy-ghost/

Activity: Make “Holy Ghost” decorations. 

  • Family history:

Songs: Families Can Be Together Forever (300); children’s hymns Family History – I Am Doing It (94) 

Lesson: Explain why it’s important to do family history. Maybe tell some family history stories or go over your family’s genealogy. If you need more of an outline there is a great one here https://www.ldsdaily.com/home-and-family/fhe-lesson-on-family-history-recording-family-stories/

Activity: watch the movie Coco 

  • Obedience:

Songs: Choose The Right (239); Keep The Commandments (303)

Lesson: the 5 little ghosts story which you can find here https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Five-Little-Ghosts-Story-and-Props-Halloween-Music-and-Movement-Activity-4090745

Activity: make yummy treats related to the story 

  • Light of Christ: 

Songs: Teach Me To Walk In The Light  (304); The Lord Is My Light(89) 

Lesson: Pumpkin gospel lesson I found the story here https://confidentingrace.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/the-pumpkin-gospel/

Activity: Carving pumpkins 

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