Easy Star Trek TOS Costume

First of all wow, it’s been like a year since I wrote a post! I can’t believe it’s already Halloween again! I thought I’d share a fun and quick costume idea from last year that we did. Last Halloween Matt and I decided to move to the Star Trek fandom for costumes and be Star Trek officers from the original series. I don’t know why but it was harder than I thought it would be to find patterns for Star Trek costumes that would get to me in time to make for Halloween. So I improvised. For Matt it was actually really easy to come up with a costume. For the tunic on the male uniform I just found a raglan sleeve pattern. He decided he wanted to be a captain so I found yellow material and gold wavy ribbon to add to the sleeve to signify the correct rank. I also found shiny gold material for the insignia.

Below are the instructions on how I put the tunic together.

First I cut out all of my pattern pieces. 

Next I sewed on the sleeves. 

After that I sewed the sides up. 

In order for it to be Star Trek it needed the collar to be black. So I sewed on a black collar.

To finalize the costume I sewed on the insignia and rank stripes with the ribbon I had. on the sleeves. I never actually got around to sewing in the correct symbol to match with the captain rank… whoops. This could easily be done by top stitching that on the insignia. 

To complete the costume Matt wore black pants and shoes. You could wear black boots to make it more authentic, but the shoes totally worked for Halloween. Tell me what you think. Any other easy ways to make Star Trek costumes? I’d love to know! 

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