DIY Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

When Alissa was born I wanted to have a really fun advent calendar for Christmas. I usually would get so busy that by the time I was ready to get or make one it was too late in the season to make it worthwhile. We have usually ended up making little paper chains to count down the days till Christmas. A couple of years ago I finally made one! I’ll show you what I did in just a bit. First, I want to share what I learned about advent calendars because well I’m an anthropology nerd. I always like to know and understand why people do things. What do traditions symbolize? That’s what I was thinking when I made our advent calendar. Why is it called an ADVENT calendar? When and where did the tradition begin? Here’s what I learned.

Meaning of Advent

The word advent comes from Latin meaning arrival or appearance. Beginning around the 12th century the word advent was used by Christians to mean the arrival of Jesus Christ. The period of advent, at least in Christian tradition, begins with the first of four Sundays before Christmas Day. It’s a time of thoughtful prayer and fasting for some.

Advent Traditions

During the advent season people began to count down the days till Christmas. There are varying stories as to when the first advent calendar was made. However, people started using them in various forms around the 19th century. From what I researched, the tradition started within Protestant groups in Germany and Austria (possibly other places in Europe). People would mark chalk lines to count down the days until Christmas. Since then people have been using advent calendars to count down the days till Christmas.
There is also the advent wreath. This consists of a wreath with four candles and one in the middle. The four candles represent hope, peace, love, and joy with the fifth candle in the middle representing Jesus Christ. Each candle is lit on a Sunday before Christmas starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. The fifth candle is lit on Christmas Day.

Homemade Advent Calendar

Ok on to what I made. I had a bunch of green fabric leftover from other projects so I decided to make a tree themed calendar.
First, I cut out two triangle pieces of fabric. Next, I cut strips of fabric to equal 25 squares. I top stitched on all of the 25 square pieces to one triangle piece.

Then I added a brown “stump” of fabric for the bottom. I stuffed it and sewed it on to the bottom of both triangle pieces.

Then I sewed the rest of the triangles together leaving a little hole so I could turn it right side in. I finished sewing the hole together adding a string to hang up the calendar.

This year we could all use something to look forward to, so why not Christmas? What does everyone else do to count down till Christmas?

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